OneTribe® Enterprise Tribal Services Solution

Our OneTribe platform provides a seamless solution for managing all aspects of Member Services for any size of Tribal Government.

OneTribe is designed to support the complexity of data sharing between Tribal Member services. It provides a controlled view of Tribal Member Data to each service department. OneTribe allows for each service department to have their own features while contributing to centralized data for long-term statistical information.

Explore the different services OneTribe® offers:

Tribal Enrollment

Native American Enrollment / Membership solution designed specifically to document Tribal enrollment.
  • Create family trees and calculate blood quantums of multiple tribal affiliations
  • Capture and store signatures and pictures of members
  • Use letter templates to communicate efficiently with your Members 
  • Track activities between Enrollment and Members using Task Management
  • Utilize Search and Reporting features required by Enrollment Departments
  • Interface with Alpha Card for ID Printing with most any ID printers 
  • Digitize paper records & forms with Laserfiche
  • Register voters and manage voting processes
  • Automatically populate request lists to better manage Member requests
  • Customize data grids to display only the Member Data you need
  • Display GIS mapping data to verify Member addresses and eligibility for services

Social Services

OneTribe Social Services/Assistance module
  • Flexible Social Services platform for managing various Tribal Social Services programs. 
  • Eligibility and Income Management 
  • Application tracking 
  • Payment and Budget Management 
  • Document Management integration with Laserfiche


Tracks scholarship and Grants for Tribal members seeking higher education.
  • Tracks GPA 
  • Tracks Degree Progress 
  • Manage Awards and Budgets 
  • Manage Payments to both Students and Colleges 
  • Letter Templates for Communications with Students 
  • Document Management integration with Laserfiche


Manages the Day to Day operations of a Tribal WIOA module.
  • Income Guidelines and Verification 
  • Job placement and Tracking 
  • Vendor / Jobsite management 
  • Outcome reporting 
  • Letter Templates for Communications with Students 
  • PL477 Reporting 
  • Household / Family management 
  • Career Training tracking 
  • Document Management integration with Laserfich

Member Portal

The OneTribe Member Portal is a Responsive Web Portal that Members can sign into and interact with Participating departments.
  • Secure environment for sharing data with Members 
  • Complete Applications 
  • Get updates on Application approvals and questions 
  • Upload documents for Applications 
  • Get program specific information such as application eligibility and timelines. 
  • Document Management integration with Laserfiche

Reporting Analytics

OneTribe provides both detailed reporting options as well as Ad Hoc reporting capabilities.
  • Power Grids
  • Excel Integration
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Developed Reports for Grant Reporting
  • Performance Reports for Case Worker activities
  • Analytics of Services Delivered by Funding Source
  • Budget Spend Analysis

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