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laserfiche ecm

Digitally Transform your Organization Today

Laserfiche is the Choice of over 35,000 Customers World Wide

Laserfiche is the world’s leading software for enterprise content management, business process automation, and productivity-boosting analytics. From digitizing documents to supporting smarter business decisions, Laserfiche provides a progressive roadmap to help organizations of all sizes embrace the benefits of digital transformation.

  • User-Friendly InterfaceUpdate documents, add document annotations, redact confidential information and change document metadata from a single interface
  • Rich Search: Instantly retrieve documents with quick and advanced search options tailored to individual users’ security rights
  • Robust Metadata: Add, view and modify document metadata to index, search and
    retrieve documents
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Organize all your organization’s information so you make faster, more informed business decisions.

  • Store documents in intuitive folder structures in a familiar interface.
  • Organize all your information to make faster, better business decisions.
  • Streamline daily tasks and collaboration by gathering digital files into a central repository.
  • Eliminate costly file cabinets by digitizing all paper documents
  • Reclaim storage rooms and create offices for staff
  • Find exactly what you’re looking for with robust search functionality
  • Search for documents by keyword, identifying information, username, and many other custom search types
  • Bring together digital files from multiple locations and sources in a unified repository
  • Reduce duplication by working with one centralized document
  • Display information about the document’s context alongside it in editable fields
  • Connect related documents, like emails and their attachments, using document links

Content Capture and Imaging has never been easier

Distributed Capture – Centralized Storage

  • Scan paper documents from multiple locations and store them in a centralized repository.
  • Save documents directly from Microsoft Office applications and import emails —including attachments—with one click.

Capture Documents on the Go

  • Eliminate manual file transfers by sending photos from your mobile device directly to the repository.
  • Automatically assign identification information to your files.
  • Content captured on mobile devices is full-text searchable.

Reclaim Time Spent Filing

  • Automatically extract information from documents as soon as they are scanned or imported into the repository.
  • Instantly sort, name, route and file those incoming documents based on the information contained within them.

Expedite Form Submissions

  • Replace multiple paper forms with one dynamic electronic form by displaying different questions based on previous responses.
  • Reduce manual data entry by pre-populating certain form information from an external database.

Get Started Today on your path to Digital Transformation with Laserfiche Forms

laserfiche ecm
  • Replace paper forms with easy-to-design web forms that can be embedded on intranets or public websites.
  • Turn multiple paper forms into one dynamic electronic form.
  • Customize web forms to match your company’s branding.
laserfiche ecm
  • Eliminate administrative tasks like manually routing information, filling out forms and following up on approvals
  • Streamline form processing and review with automated routing and notifications
  • Enable simultaneous review and approval by routing electronic forms to multiple users
laserfiche ecm
  • Use configurable, easy-to-use reports to measure process success.
  • Evaluate employee workloads using dashboards and visualizations.
  • Eliminate process bottlenecks by using your iOS, Android or Windows device to review, approve and sign documents
  • Reduce duplicate data entry by submitting electronic forms while out in the field

Laserfiche Workflow is a powerful business process automation solution.

Quickly Diagram  and Implement Workflows

  • Create automated workflows with an intuitive, graphical design tool integrate with a wide variety of enterprise applications to run repeatable processes
  • Use 100+ drag-and-drop activities to easily build custom workflows
    Save hours of staff time with rule-based workflows for simple tasks like renaming documents and emailing document changes
  • Digitize and model entire processes like HR onboarding and accounts payable processing without writing code

Improve Decision-Making with Real-Time Information

  • Launch dynamic business processes with one click from web, desktop or mobile clients
  • Provide step-by-step instructions to users involved in the process
  • Update participants involved in a business process activity while the process is running
  • Display pending documents and actions required at various stages of a business process, increasing visibility, removing bottlenecks and prompting a timely response
  • Identify and correct performance issues by monitoring and analyzing the average time it takes for the process or part of the process to run, which steps took the longest and how long it took

Accelerate Organization-Wide Document Review and Approval

  • Initiate processes, review documents and make decisions from a central inbox
  • Ensure tasks are completed on time with automatic, recurring notification email
  • Track the approval status of each document and who is working on it
  • Enable concurrent review and approval for multiple users
  • Automatically send notifications when a document is created, edited or deleted

Intertribal Software Honored at Laserfiche Winners Circle for the 5th Year in a Row!

Laserfiche, the leading SaaS provider of intelligent content management and business process automation has named Intertribal Software a Laserfiche Winners Circle Achiever in recognition of its outstanding sales in 2021.


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